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This GE top load washer comes with a stainless steel basket and the AutoBalance Suspension System. It features rotary-electronic controls, a maximum spin speed of 700 RPM, 4 different water levels and 11 wash cycles. When selected, the deep rinse cycle ensures clothes are rinsed of soap residue and fabric softener. The modern capacity helps to meet the needs of today's families.

GE 7.2 cu ft. capacity electric dryer with a DuraDrum2 interior. Featuring Sensor Dry system that dries clothes more evenly than ever before. The system's sensors touch the clothes and stop the heating cycles as soon as the clothes have reached the selected dryness. This dryer offers 4 heat selections that provide the right temperatures for your clothes-drying needs and long venting capability that has long equivalent ducting performance for more flexible installation.

  • 4.4 cu. ft. top load washer
  • 11 wash cycles
  • Stainless steel basket
  • 7.2 cu. ft. dryer
  • 4 heat selections

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